Commercialization of Research Results

Offered as part of the PASIFIC Fellowship Programme, “Commercialization of Research Results” – the fourth workshop in the series has already taken place.

Similar to the previous workshops, the training was held by top specialists encouraged by the Polish Academy of Sciences. Trainers were invited from VISNEA – a company providing a wide-range support in running scientific projects, managing R&D work at scientific institutions/ companies as well as developing academic entrepreneurship and international partnership brokering.

The event took place on the picturesque high Vistula river escarpment in historical buildings of the Museum of Earth of Polish Academy of Sciences.

About the workshop

Professor Paweł Rowiński, the PASIFIC Programme Coordinator, opened the meeting on 19 April in the Museum exhibition hall.

Dr Marta Wachowich, an expert on the commercialization of scientific results and intellectual property management from VISNEA company, held the training.  

Among mammoth tusks and other natural history treasures, the Fellows and invited guests had the opportunity to get familiar with the ways of scientific solutions commercialization and learn about key factors to success. The participants of the training were introduced into how to estimate commercialization potential of scientific results and how to select methodology when attempting to commercialize a promising idea.

About the place

Coffee breaks, networking and a guided tour of the Museum made the training a memorable event.

The exceptional amber collection as well as meteorites and tektites were worth seeing.

Even more fascinating was the history of the buildings of the Museum: residence palace of Branicki and Lubomirski family and Pniewski’s villa, both obtained by the Polish Academy of Sciences in 1960s.

Dinner for participants was served in the classicist villa with a beautiful garden view rebuilt in a modernist style by eminent architect Bohdan Pniewski.

We are grateful to all attendees who made our workshop a successful event. Please visit our website and follow our social media for future announcements.

Source of photos: Polish Academy of Sciences