Application and Evaluation Process

How to apply?

Step 1

Before applying for the PASIFIC Fellowship, you need to identify a suitable PAS Institute and a Potential Supervisor who commits to supporting your research. Once they agree to facilitate your research at the Polish Academy of Sciences’ respective institute, you must obtain a Letter of Support signed by both the director of the host institute and the potential supervisor.

Should your project be interdisciplinary, you can approach the second supervisor from the same or another Polish Academy of Sciences institute. If your second supervisor is from the same institute, you will need only one Letter of Support with both supervisors’ statements. When your potential supervisors are based at two different institutes, you need to obtain two Letters of Support.

Should you need assistance with administrative issues, don’t hesitate to contact the respective PASIFIC Navigator at the Polish Academy of Sciences institutes.

Step 2

All interested applicants will be obliged to fill out the online application in the SEA System. The link to the SEA System will be available on the website from 15 October 2021.

The application proposal will include the following parts:

PART A – an online form in the SEA System to which the following data should be entered:

  • Information on the Applicant
  • Applicant’s eligibility information
  • Proposal information
  • Information on the Host Institute and the Supervisor(s)
  • Budget description
  • Ethics issues table
  • Information on research career breaks
  • Information on how you learned about the PASIFIC Programme
  • Access to pre-submission data
  • Applicant’s declarations

Part B1 – in this part, describe your project in two parts:  

  • A description of the research planned,  
  • The impact of the Fellowship on your career.  

Part B1 should not exceed 10 pages, excluding references.

Part B2 – this part comprises of CVs and descriptions of scientific track records (yours and your Supervisor’s) and a description of the Host Institute.  

Part B2 should not exceed 8 pages.

Ethics self-assessment – preparation and submission of this document is obligatory only if you answered “yes” to at least one question in the “Ethics issues table”.

Letter of Support from the Host Institute and the Institute Supporting the Host Institute (in case of interdisciplinary projects) that confirms the willingness of a given institute to host the Applicant. The letter must be signed by the Director of the Institute (or another authorised person).

Scan of the PhD diploma or diploma entitling to embark on a doctoral programme. 

Other attachments (e.g., documents confirming that you have children and/or a spouse, translations of documents to Polish or English if they are issued in other languages)