Application and Evaluation Process

How to apply?

Step 1

Before applying for the PASIFIC Fellowship, you will need to identify a suitable PAS Institute and a Potential Supervisor, who commits to supporting your research. Once they agree to facilitate your research at the respective institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences, you will need to obtain a letter of support signed by both the director of the host institute and the potential supervisor. 

Step 2

All interested applicants will be obliged to fill in the online application form that will be open from 15.03.2021 to 30.06.2021 (Call 1) and 15.09.2021 to 30.12.2021 (Call 2).  

The application will include the following documents: 

  • CV and a track record of scientific achievements
  • Description of the research project (max. 10 pages)
  • Supervisor’s CV and a description of the project’s impact on the institute’s scientific environment (to be prepared together with representatives of the institute)
  • Ethics self-assessment (if necessary)

Also, scans of the following documents should be submitted:

• PhD diploma, or documents confirming the equivalent 4-year research experience
• Letter of support from your potential supervisor and host institution

Should you need assistance with administrative issues regarding your stay at one of the institutes of the Polish Academy of Sciences, please contact the respective PASIFIC Navigator.

Evaluation criteria

Both the PASIFIC candidate’s CV and the research project will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

💡 The scientific excellence of the research project and the researcher

The PASIFIC Programme aims to promote innovative and bold ideas. Thus, the proposed research projects should tackle a clearly defined, engaging, and timely research problem. To prove their excellence, researchers should demonstrate an outstanding record of research achievements, including publications in leading journals, reviewed monographs, and presentations at international conferences. Experience in conducting research projects will also be an asset. For this criterion, each project can receive up to 50 points.

🚀 Impact on the respective field of study, researchers career and host institute

The PASIFIC candidate should demonstrate how their project will change the respective discipline, to what extent the results of their project will be relevant to other fields of research as well as whether their idea has groundbreaking potential. Also, they should discuss the impact of the project on their careers and the host institutes. For this criterion, each project can receive up to 35 points.

📝 Feasibility of the project and adequate choice of supervisor

The candidate should prove that even though their project is bold and innovative, it is also feasible. Hence, they should demonstrate that the scope of their project is realizable within the timeframes and resources offered by the PASIFIC fellowship. Another important aspect is the role of the supervisor. For this reason, their CV will also be evaluated. For this criterion, each project can receive up to 15 points.