Introducing PASIFIC Short Docs

Who works with miracle camera? How to  travel in time? Is it worth trusting your gut feelings in scientific research? Can silence be exciting? Who carries rifle during his research?

Let us present the PASIFIC Short Docs –  series of short documentaries about PASIFIC Fellows. They talk about their research – how it all started, how they are working, what is most important – not always purely academic – goal in their work. You will find out about the challenges but also about the advantages of being a scientist, and in particular – a PASIFIC Fellow.

Episode 1: Fabricio Carrijo

The first episode introduces the profile of Fabricio Carrijo from Brazil, currently working at Institute of Archeology and Ethnology PAS, who researches peace and conflict dynamics in refugee shelters.

Justyna Dżbik-Kluge, director of the series, said:

This film is unusual because it is released on the second anniversary of Russia’s full-scale war in Ukraine. The protagonists here are refugees also from Ukraine, about whom Fabricio says very important things. He shows how important it is to change the narrative from we-they and to give refugees back their subjectivity. This is very often lacking in the centres where they are housed.