Project Management Skills – PASIFIC Workshop in Warsaw

Almost 20 PASIFIC Fellows took part in the seventh training course in the series of workshops within the PASIFIC Programme. The event was organised by the Polish Academy of Sciences together with Justyna Małkuch – Świtalska, Academic Trainer and Expert in Research Project Management. It took place on 12 and 13th October at Staszic Palace in Warsaw.

How to plan and manage successful project?

To obtain funding and effectively implement research projects, it is becoming more and more important to properly select management methods, recruit team members and engage institutional partners in the country and abroad. Which management methodology, technique, tool to choose? How to plan to successfully implement the project ? Where and how to get more knowledge and practice?

So the  purpose of the training was clear: to develop and strengthen participants’ skills in organizing and managing research projects, with special attention given to planning and putting different elements in order, and to managing available resources and monitoring results.

Fellows participating in the course learned how to create their own projects involving innovation, international networks and mobility, with respect to the principles of creating attractive work conditions for researchers. They also trained how to put into practice best methods to effectively manage projects of different degrees of complexity with the parallel participation of one or more research teams.

Two days long workshop was also a great opportunity to networking. The first day of an intensive training over, the Fellows and the PASIFIC team members took a walk to Elektrownia Powiśle and sat down for the dinner at the Pełną Parą Restaurant. 

We are grateful to all attendees who made our workshop a successful event.

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Source of photos: Trener Nauki Dr Justyna Małkuch-Świtalska