Researchers’ challenges and inspiration

Inspiration for young people to choose a scientific career path, broaden their horizons and develop their passions – all that and more stood behind Academy Smart Talks event for high school students and everyone interested in science.

First edition took place on 26th October at the Museum of the Earth in Warsaw (Pniewski Villa). PASIFIC Fellows met with high school students and talked about what they do and how their research can impact the lives of all of us. If you missed the opportunity to attend a live event, you can now make up for it and watch a video of the event.

Meet the participants – Imran Sarihasan from Turkey and Maciej Bartosiewicz from Poland.

Imran comes from Turkey. Presently, she is carrying out her research the PAS Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, aiming to answer how immigrants’ socio-demographic differences influenced the sustainability of immigrant enterprises during the Covid-19 pandemic in the EU member states.

She talked to Maciej, a Polish researcher who is currently conducting research at the PAS Institute of Geophysics. In his work, Maciej explores the controls of carbon fluxes between terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems in Arctic and Alpine ecosystems.

Don’t miss their talk!