Supervisors from Mineral and Energy Economy Research Institute


Magdalena Wdowin is a professor at the Mineral and Energy Economy Research Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences in Kraków, where she leads the Division of Applied Geochemistry and Environmental Engineering. In 2004 she graduated from the AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków, obtaining a master's degree in engineering in mining and geology, with a specialization in mineralogy and applied geochemistry. She next earned a PhD in geology from the same University in 2010, with a  specialization: in mineralogy. She earned her DSc (habilitation) in environmental engineering in 2015 from the Faculty of Environmental Engineering at the Lublin University of Technology. Since 2007, she has been an employee of the Mineral and Energy Economy Research Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences. In her professional career she has specialized in waste management, in particular the use of coal combustion by-products. She has done significant work in the field of synthesis of porous materials obtained from fly ash and their usage as sorbents of gaseous forms of mercury and CO2, as well as purification of wastewater.

Research interests:

Environmental pollution, waste management, mineralogy, geochemistry, energy storage.

Major publications:

Czarna-Juszkiewicz D., Cader J., Wdowin M. (2020). “From coal ashes to solid sorbents for hydrogen storage”, Journal of Cleaner Production, 122355.

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Czarna D., Baran P., Kunecki P., Panek R., Żmuda R., Wdowin M. (2018). “Synthetic zeolites as potential sorbents of mercury from wastewater occurring during wet FGD processes of flue gas”, Journal of Cleaner Production 172, 2636-2645.

Panek R., Wdowin M., Franus W., Czarna D., Stevens L.A., Deng H., Liu J., Sun C., Liu H., Snape C. E. (2017). “Fly ash-derived MCM-41 as a low-cost silica support for polyethyleneimine in post-combustion CO2 capture”, Journal of CO2 Utilization 22, 81-90.

Wdowin M., Wiatros-Motyka M.M., Panek R., Stevens L. A., Franus W., Snape C. E. (2014). “Experimental study of mercury removal from exhaust gases”, Fuel 128, 451-457.


Emil Hanc is an assistant professor at the Mineral and Energy Economy Research Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences. He graduated from the AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow, obtaining a master’s degree in power engineering with a specialization in hydrogen energy. He received a Ph.D. from the AGH-UST in 2012. He spent a 2-years postdoctoral fellowship at the National University of Singapore. His research interest includes energy storage in many forms, especially using electrochemical technologies such as Li-ion batteries and fuel cells.


Research interests:

Li-ion batteries, fuel cells, hydrogen storage, energy storage


Major publications:

Hanc E., Zajac W., Lu L., Yan B., Kotobuki M., Ziąbka M., Molenda J., On fabrication procedures of Li-ion conducting garnets, Journal of Solid State Chemistry 248 (2017) 51–60

Hanc E., Zając W., Molenda J.; Synthesis procedure and effect of Nd, Ca and Nb doping on structure and electrical conductivity of Li7La3Zr2O12 garnets, Solid State Ionics 262 (2014) 612-621

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