The PASIFIC Call 1 results are announced!

On 16 November 2021, the ranking lists of the PASIFIC Call 1 were announced! 35 excellent projects were chosen, 15 more were put on the reserve list.

The full ranking list, as well as reserve list, can be found here

Call 1 summary

The Programme attracted many researchers from all around the world – we received 348 proposals from researchers of 60 nationalities. We obtained 147 proposals in Physical Sciences and Engineering panel, 109 in Social Sciences and Humanities, and 92 in Life Sciences.

In the Call, 27 disciplines were covered. A maximum of 33 proposals was submitted in the Cultures and Cultural Production area.

Almost all of the Polish Academy of Sciences Institutes (61 out of 70) were chosen as a Host Institute at least once. The majority of proposals were submitted with the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology (27), followed by the Institute of Physical Chemistry (22). The average number of applications per Institute was close to 6, and the median – 4.

In the Call,70% of all proposals were submitted by men (242) and 30% (106) by women. Interestingly, the research experience of the Applicants varied significantly – from 0.01 of a year to 34.09 years. The average experience was 5.67 years, while the median – 4.09.

The majority of Applicants were of Indian origin (80), followed by Ukrainian (30), Pakistani (23), Polish (22), and Iranian (19). The researchers resided in 62 different countries – mostly India (53), China (22), Germany (22), Ukraine (21), and the United Kingdom (15).

Call 1 ranking list summary

Independent evaluators have chosen 35 excellent researchers who will come to Poland between January and March 2022. The competition was very strong – there were about 10 applications per place. In order to choose the winners, the evaluators assessed the projects according to three main criteria – Excellence, Impact, and Feasibility. Each project also had to pass the ethical evaluation.

In the first Call, 10 projects will be financed from the Life Sciences panel, 10 from Social Sciences and Humanities, and 15 from Physical Sciences and Engineering. The number of Fellowships granted in each panel depended on the number of applications submitted in each discipline. Similar to gender distribution in the whole Call, in the ranking list, there are 69% of male (24) and 31% of female researchers.

In terms of research experience, its length varied greatly, but not as much as in the whole Call – it ranged from 0.32 of the year to 17 years – with an average experience of 6.43 years and a median of 5.92 years.

The Fellows are of 15 nationalities and will come to Poland from 15 countries. They represent 17 different disciplines.

The laureates will conduct their research in 22 different Polish Academy of Sciences Institutes. The highest number of Fellows will be working on their projects in the Institute of Physical Chemistry (3) and in the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology (3).

The PASIFIC Fellows will receive a monthly salary of approx. EUR 2500 net. Those who decide to come to Poland with their families will be entitled to a family allowance. In addition, researchers will have a research budget of up to EUR 60 000 for direct costs at their disposal.

Those, who did not manage to apply in Call 1, can apply in the PASIFIC Call 2 that is open from 15 September to 30 December 2021. Researchers who were not accepted as PASIFIC Fellows in Call 1 can re-apply in Call 2.